The Mixed Tape

Welcome to the continually updating mixed tape website. We are going to release a new mix for you to enjoy every single week. The episodes will be outlined below. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the podcast!

Episode 1 - Making Things Better

Episode 2 - The Ills of Society

Episode 3 - Not Meant for Mono Devices

Episode 4 - I Love You... I know

Episode 5 - This is Killing Me

Episode 6 - I'm Not Crazy, My Mother Had Me Tested

Episode 7 - a cross-section of my past, volume I

Episode 8 - Did you Catch that?

Episode 9 - And It Came From A Computer

Episode 10 - Cruising Classics Volume I

Episode 11 - An Acute Awareness of Self

Episode 12 - Music to Break Your Lease

Episode 13 - 13 Songs from a Bus Stop in Pierrefonds

Episode 14 - The Persistence of Loss

Episode 15 - Did You Just Assume My Gender?

Episode 16 - Too Interesting to Not Play

Episode 17 - A Cross Section of My Past Volume II

Episode 18 - I Have A Thing For Song Titles

Episode 19 - I Am Whatever I Want To Be

Episode 20 - Cruising Classics Volume II

Episode 21 - Skipping is Punishable by Death

Episode 22 - The Opposite of Relaxing

Episode 23 - Merry Christmas 2019

Episode 24 - Greetings and Salutations

Episode 25 - Stuck In The Past

Episode 26 - I Can't Do Anything

Episode 27 - Cover Girls

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