The Persistence of Loss

Songs about loss. They're everywhere and I've collected 14 of them in this week's mix tape. The intent here is to highlight a few ways to present loss. Eve 6's track on Side 1 is really upbeat despite the lyrical content depicting a loss of sense of self. Ian Curtis and Joy Division's haunting lament about love destroying the subjects of the song is particularly powerful. Nine Inch Nail's near complete breakdown over the realization that he will never have what he's longing for.

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Side A Side B
Swing Life Away by Rise Against What Do I Have To Do? by Stabbing Westward
Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division I'll Keep Your Memory Vague by Finger 11
Bittersweet Me by R.E.M. Going Missing by Maxïmo Park
Blurry by Puddle of Mudd Fly Away by Poe
How Much Longer by Eve 6 Helena by My Chemical Romance
Let It Go by Escape the Fate You Don't Care About Us by Placebo
Nothing Better by The Postal Service Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails

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