Not Meant for Mono Devices

The title of the mix tape comes from a content warning on the digipak of the album Broken from Nine Inch Nails. It stuck with me and I knew I was going to make a mixtape with the warning being the basis of it.

In this episode we explore many great examples of discrete stereo in a variety of genres. A lot of music make full use of stereo and the examples in this mixed tape are unique in their presentation. Do yourself a favour, don't listen to this on a mono device. Use a good quality pair of headphones or earbuds and focus on the music. You won't be disappointed.

Comments, questions, and good vibes should be directed to @mixedtapeshow on twitter and/or here. Let me know what you think. Also, please share with your friends. Thanks for listening!

Side A Side B
Vow by Garbage The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson
Down Together by The Refreshments Bastard Souls by Adorn Shadow
Vigilante by The Barstool Prophets Fist Fuck by Nine Inch Nails
Enough by Gravity Kills Spoonman by Soundgarden
Guilty Filthy Soul by Awolnation Buy American Machines by Emanuel
Hooch by Sum 41 Jung at Heart by Peter du Charme
Whisper by Catherine Enough by Sonio

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